LBM Podcast 0007 – John 1:1 and some random things


In this episode we address the Jehovah’s Witnesses perversion of John 1:1 and some random things.


Video Podcast:

Audio Podcast:


  1. Karl says:

    Good stuff with this last podcast. Try a little tepid water with honey to sooth your throat though. You left us hanging on the reference to the 90 minute meet with Morons. Did they at all concede to the contradictions or refused to consider another world view?

    A short segment of the rules of discussion. We know that when there is a contradiction there is falsehood. Perhaps in the Presupposition podcast you covered it but I do not recall.

    Your delivery is improving with each podcast.

    There are more to suggest but I, :(, forget what they are at the moment. Good stuff though.

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