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LBM Podcast 0033 – The Calvinist and Arminian debate that never happened and Kent Hovind’s KJV-onlyism


In this episode Jason discusses a recent interaction he had with an Arminian by the name of Andy who posted some disparaging comments about Calvinism on the logicalbelief.org blog. Jason challenged Andy to defend his comments on the Podcast. The ensuing email conversation is both educational and entertaining. The show is closed out with a brief discussion on Kent Hovind’s video response to an email written by Jason challenging his KJV-Onlyism position.


Kent Hovind’s response to my email

Video Podcast:

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Is Calvinism Biblical?


What is Calvinism? Calvinism is the term that has taken on the meaning that God is sovereign in salvation. Sometimes it is referred to as Reformed Theology, the Doctrines of Grace, Augustinianism, Wyclifism, Pauline Theology, etc. Throughout the history of the Christian Church one form or another of these doctrines have been taught. There have been slight nuances between the different perspectives but the primary tenets of the doctrines have been consistent. Calvinism is named after the Geneva, Switzerland Reformer John Calvin (1509-1564). This is unfortunate as those who have read Calvin know that were he alive today he would be appose to having these doctrines named after him. He was much too humble of a man to have accepted such an honor. Most of those that impugn the character of Calvin have not read any of what he has written.

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