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Do Atheists Have Faith?


Can a belief in no God (atheism) be rational?


Let us examine for a moment if atheism even has the possibility of being rational or viable. The primary tenant of atheism is that there is no evidence for God therefore there is no God but let us take this view to its rational and logical conclusion. If there is no God the atheist must provide proof and evidence that something can come from nothing. He also must provide a foundational reason for absolute, invariant and unchanging laws in our reality. The atheist will usually respond to this question by trying to give what he believes is evidence for evolution, but this is a red herring fallacy and does not actually answer the question. He will also have to argue using the laws of logic while not being able to account for them in his world view.

For evolution to even be possible (it is not) it presupposes a universe with time, space and matter that abides by uniform laws. The universe (our reality) is something; therefore the atheist must explain the existence of reality before he can even go on to give evidence for evolution. The atheist often jumps over this huge chasm and just hopes his opponent does not notice. The belief that something can come from nothing is so irrational however that no scientist in his right mind has ever pursued any experiments to see if this is even possible. If a scientist did investigate this question even the atheist would laugh at him. If one did try an experiment to see if this was possible and created a lead box with a vacuum to see if anything ever spontaneously arose from the vacuum of space in the box he should quickly come to the realization that his so called “empty” box is not really empty at all but contains space that has dimensionality and conforms to the laws of nature (like gravity). Therefore for him to really be able to perform an empirical experiment to see if something can come from nothing he would have to perform his test outside our boundaries of reality and see if there is some sort of law that can create something from nothing.

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In the beginning there was nothing – How foolish


Only nothing comes from nothing. (ex nihilo nihil fit)



Prideful obedience to God’s law is no obedience at all. It is like a respectful thief or a honest liar. It is for the praise of men and self-righteousness before God. It cares little about God and only about it’s self. It’s fear is of man rather than God. It stand’s in self-praise to tell God how it’s much goodness outweighs it’s little evil. Realizing the truth that our righteousness is of no value to Him, leaves us standing in horror with nothing but dirty rags in our hands before that frightful and awesome Judge. He value’s humility before obedience for true humility leads to obedience. Humble obedience is not to justify but rather to give thanks and reverence to our Creator, who justified us not by our obedience but by His own.

A denial of God is foolishness

The reason the Bible says that everyone knows that God exists even though they may deny Him with their mouth is because they are acknowledging His existence on a routine basis (Romans 1:19-22). Whenever they make an argument they do so using the laws of logic which are not accounted for in a reality without God. Whenever they make change, check their bank account, or count on their fingers they are acknowledging God as the laws of mathematics are not possible in a random arbitrary universe. Whenever they open their eyes in the morning and greet a new day, they without thought assume gravity will keep holding them to the bed. They are assuming the uniformity of the laws of nature, acknowledging that they are not random while claiming that they are. Whenever they make moral claims, that is right and this is wrong, they are acknowledging their Creator because absolute moral laws cannot come from nothing. The atheist lives in a logically inconsistent world claiming that God does not exist yet acknowledging Him on a constant basis. How foolish. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Psalm 14:1 (