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LBM Podcast 0051 – Roman Catholic Analytic and Protestant Synthetic Justification


In this episode Jason delves into the Roman Catholic and Protestant views of justification. An analytic vs synthetic view of justification. Is the righteousness of Christ imputed to us or infused into us? Jason goes into the Council of Trent and the Roman Catholic Catechism to see if the Roman Catholic Church today still holds to their 16th century views. Are these differences still important today, do they still matter?

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Is faith a gift from God?


Is faith a gift from God or is it something that comes from the heart of man? This is a question that I want to examine and answer from two different perspectives. The first perspective will be from the character and nature of God himself and his relation to his creatures and secondly we will examine the question from the direct testimony of Scripture.

The first thing we want to examine and establish is the holiness and absolute perfection of God. The Biblical usage of the word “holy” means to be sacred or set apart. God is “set apart” from His creation. He transcends and is outside of His creation. He is not corrupted by or a part of His creation. He is perfect and does not change for He is outside of time and space (Creation). He is immutable (unchanging) in His perfection. Time is the measure of change in a system. We as creatures exist in time and therefore we change. What is interesting is that the Bible commands us to be holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1:16) and commands us to be perfect as He is perfect (Matt 5:48).

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