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Statement Concerning BTWN


After prayerful consideration and consulting with my wife and a fellow brother (a deacon at my church) the Logical Belief Ministries Podcast is disassociating with the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network. All content will be moved back to LogicalBelief.org and the Logical Belief YouTube channel.

We believe that Christian apologetics, evangelism and discernment ministries should hold as the highest priority to represent other points of view whether, Christian or non-Christian, with utmost truthfulness about what others actually believe and do. Our Lord is the embodiment of Truth itself and a hallmark of all Christians is to be like their Lord. Our Lord and his Apostles always represented others with truthfulness. Christian ministries should also be very careful and show extreme care when criticizing and critiquing other Christian ministries that are preaching the true Gospel. The Bible Thumping Wingnut Network has taken a direction which is not supported by Logical Belief Ministries and has misrepresented another Christian ministry which consistently preaches the Gospel.

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LBM Podcast 0016 – Doctrines of Grace (Calvinism) – Irresistible Grace

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailIn this episode Jason continues the series that discusses the Doctrines of Grace. In this episode we first discuss presuppositional apologetics and a recent Christian/Atheist Debate and then we focus on the doctrine of Irresistible Grace. This doctrine says that when the Holy Spirit regenerates the heart of the individual that God has foreknown and elected to salvation that individual will without fail come to Christ in faith. The regenerated person will always believe and trust in Christ alone for his salvation because he has been given a new heart with new desires. The regenerated person has been given a new spiritual nature that both desires to and can please God.


Epic Debate Over God’s Existence


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The Irrefutable Proof of God

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailJeff Durbin from Apologia Church knocks it out of the park with a reasoned defense of the faith and with a great presentation of the Pre-supositional Apologetic.