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Just Like the Nations


In the 1 Samuel 15 account of Samuel, Saul, and the Amalekites, Saul made the executive decision against God’s command for the Amalekite conquest to keep the Amalekite king and the best of the flocks alive. His attempt to keep any plunder was foiled by Samuel, sent by God. Samuel called Saul out on the bleating of sheep that he heard and confronted him. Then the Lord rejected Saul as king and Samuel took to the gruesome task of hacking Agag to pieces before the Lord—a classic Old Testament object lesson. This is a grotesque account and an awful undertaking for Samuel; but this is the effect of God speaking, man disobeying, and God issuing judgment—a cycle that repeats throughout Scripture, a cycle intensified here by Israel’s sinful desire for a king.

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Last Call – What it’s all about


An open air street evangelist proclaims the gospel in the open air of a busy transit station in Ottawa. One man, David, is particularly struck by the truth in the message he is hearing. Three weeks later, something happens to David that would change his life, as he knew it, forever.

deBunked: As a Christian, I don’t need to talk about Jesus. I just need to live a good life, right?