LBM Podcast 0045 – Live discussion on the Trinity with an Israel Doctrine Proponent


In this episode of the LBM Podcast we have a guest (Carl Albert) associated with the Israel Doctrine (loosely affiliated with the Hebrew Israelite movement), join us for a discussion on the ontology of the God of the Bible. Jason defends the orthodox Christian view of the Trinity and Carl promotes his self proclaimed henotheistic view of the Godhead. Carl’s view might more accurately be described as ditheism instead of henotheism as he believes that there are two ontologically identical yet separate beings of God that are worthy of worship. He believes the Bible teaches there are two Gods. The discussion goes into the Biblical texts and into the distinction between being and person. The deity of the Holy Spirit is then discussed, Jason takes the position that the Holy Spirit is the 3rd person within the one being of God and Carl takes the position that the Holy Spirit is a created being specifically the angel Gabriel.


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  1. Greg says:

    Jason, this was an awesome but frustrating interview. Awesome on your part and frustrating on his. It sounded like he was defending to the end even the weakest of points like a Jehovah’s Witness. JW’s have to defend every brick in their wall because their wall has no real mortar and knocking out one brick can bring it all down. That’s what his arguments sounded like. I was impressed that the conversation didn’t boil over and still remained civil. I guess he was used to talking to people who disagreed with him, as you are, and didn’t blow up over objections.

  2. Jason M says:

    Yeah it was an interesting discussion. If you take out his presupposition, that we can dismiss the overwhelming testimony of Scripture there is only one God and his unfounded assumption that being and person are synonyms his entire system collapses. We are going to have another discussion finishing out the deity of the Holy Spirit. I hope and pray these discussions can reach some of these people.

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