LBM Podcast 0014 – Doctrines of Grace (Calvinism) – Unconditional Election


In this episode Jason continues the series that discusses the Doctrines of Grace. In this episode we focus on the doctrine of Unconditional Election. This is the doctrine that God has predestined and elected before time began a particular people for salvation that is not based on anything that they have done.


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  1. Karl says:


    Okay here are some thoughts:

    1. One believes, hopes, that they are a chosen but married to one who is not. Is this a rotten tree? Where it is corrupt? If so, then would it then be true that children be more corrupt than two parents that are true followers? I think not, but what would you say?

    2. How to tell when one is professing the Word of God or pushing away one from God?

    It is good to see that you unprepared because it only shows that your message is clear and consistent. It is the leafing through scripture to substantiate your stance that one saw. I would not do it all the time but no worries on this end.

    Consider cutting to your screen from time to time. It is apparent that you do and when relevant the viewer is curious on what you are seeing. It shows how you form your defense.

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