LBM Podcast 0004 – Jehovah’s Witnesses Examined


In this podcast we examine the Jehovah’s Witness cult and equip Christian’s to speak to them and give them the Truth of the Gospel.


Video Podcast:

Audio Podcast:


  1. Daniel Hilts says:

    Well done Jason! I really enjoyed your teaching regarding Defense vs. Offense, as well as the 7 arguments that you laid out. I hope when you receive this that your over what ever you were spreading through out your home:-) Blessings my brother, keep up the wonderful work. Once saved always save:-) REALLY;-) I had to say that.
    Love you and your family!! Hope your enjoying your new home!


  2. Daniel Hilts says:

    I hope you got my full message and that I do not have to retype.


  3. Jason M says:

    Thanks brother. Appreciate the comment. You’ve taught me a lot. 🙂

  4. […] the last episode of the podcast (LBM Podcast 0004) we covered a false prophecy of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. I am going to outline this […]

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