Beggar or King?


Beggar or King? The modern church or Scripture? The modern church concludes Jesus is a beggar and Scripture concludes He is the Sovereign King.

The modern church asks the world, “what will you do with Jesus?” “Look and see what Jesus can do for you.” “Jesus just wants you to believe in Him.” “Jesus wants to make your life a success.” “Jesus just wants to love you.” “Jesus desires and wants to have a relationship with you.” “Jesus is waiting for you.” “Jesus wants to be all things for you if you will just let him.” “Accept Jesus into your heart.” “Jesus can’t do anything for you if you don’t allow him.” “Jesus just needs you to love Him.”

While some of these things have an element of truth for the children of God, this is not the picture of the Sovereign King of creation. This is a beggar with some genie like powers. This is a man centered approach to the world. Jesus is there to serve us and give us all things if we will just let him. He has all this power and just wants to use it for us but we must allow him. Now let’s compare this description to the Christ of Scripture.

The Scriptural based question is, “what will Jesus do with you?” The Scriptural command is to repent and believe the Gospel (Mr 1:15, Ac 17:30) not “God wishes you would accept Jesus into your heart”. Scripture says He is the Sovereign Lord who accomplishes all His purposes (Is 46:10) and who can stay His hand (Dan 4:35). His are the plans that stand forever (Ps 33:11). His will is the one that determines all things (Pro 19:21). He works all things after the council of His will (Eph 1:11). He has been given authority over all things (Mt 28:18). His sheep hear His voice and they follow Him (Jn 10:27). We are His slaves and servants (Ro 1:1) and He calls us brother and friend (Jn 15:15). All knees will bow to Him (Rom 14:11, Phil 2:10). He is the good Shepherd and we are His sheep (Jn 10:14). The Shepherd always chooses His sheep, sheep never choose their shepherd (Jn 15:16). He commands the dead to life (Jn 11:43). The dead do not choose to come to life, He brings them to life (Jn 5:21). He frees the slaves, slaves do not cause their own freedom (Jn 8:36). His enemies will be made a footstool for His feet (Ps 110:1, Heb 10:13). He is the Judge of the living and the dead (Ac 10:42).

The contrasts between these two views is striking. In one He is the Sovereign King and Lord over all things and in the other he is a beggarly genie who is pining for you, wringing his hands just hoping for your attention. This is a God centered view vs. a man centered view. One is supported by Scripture and sound reasoning the other is not. In the vain imaginations of men Jesus is portrayed as a beggar and another sits on the throne. Man’s vanity enthrones the king of his own free will. Man will not allow Jesus to ever be the Lord over his will unless God intervenes and set’s him free. Augustus Toplady once said, “The greatest judgement which God himself can in the present life, inflict upon a man is to leave him in the hand of his own boasted ‘free’-will” The reality is that Christ is Lord over all things regardless of the imaginations of men. The question for you is Jesus the Lord of your life?

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