The Modern Church

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The modern evangelical church is plagued with a man-centered Gospel. There is no absolute truth and tolerance rules the day. They are absolutely certain there is no absolute truth and they will not tolerate the intolerant. Scripture has been reduced to “what does that verse mean for you”? They have replaced the work of the Holy Spirit with music shows and self help sermons. The Gospel has been watered down to “look what Jesus can do for you” instead of the Biblical declaration “what will Jesus do with you”. The former is more appealing to the unregenerate heart. The unregenerate heart will not entertain the idea that Christ is sovereign over them so the modern Gospel cannot preach God’s Sovereignty. They preach half truths to convince people to come to the Truth denying that Salvation is a work of God alone. The Biblical Gospel is to preach the whole Truth and the Spirit of God does the regeneration.

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