Witnessing in Lakewood Ranch, Florida


On the evening of November 8th (Friday) of this year, a friend of mine and I went to downtown Lakewood Ranch here in Florida and witnessed to 7 people that night. Here is one of the witnessing encounters. This is with a man and a woman where the man claims to have become a Christian several years ago but doesn’t attend Church any longer. Remember to pray for these people.


  1. Daniel Hilts says:

    Awesome Jason!!! Well done my brother!!!! It is as good as any of Ray Comforts interviews. Because I know your heart for the lost, I’m not surprised!!! Daniel

  2. Carl A Dixon says:

    Wow Jason this was terrific. What i was most impressed with was how kind you were to this couple. You never got frustrated with them and i am sure they had quite a talk while having their drink afterwards. One small item – when the guy asked about church i would have asked him what he thought of his girlfriend. I am sure he would have said something positive. Then i would have asked her if it would be ok with her if he told her how well he thought of her but never talked to her or went on a date or ever saw her. She would say no of course. Then i would tell him that the church is the Bride of Christ and it would be a very bad bride who refused to gather together to worship and serve Him etc. Nevertheless i could not have done what you did and am incredibly impressed – thank you for your faithfulness.

    • Jason Mullett says:

      Thanks for the kind comment. That would have been a great question to ask. It saddens me much to see people who demand of God acceptance of their lack of devotion and flippant sorrow but would not accept the same themselves.

  3. sue says:

    Great job Jason. I am glad you recorded this. I hope many are inspired to take the class.

  4. Lou Ann says:

    you really are an expert in using the law and the scriptures and all the illustrations.. you’re doing this as good as Ray Comfort for sure…. awesome listening to this… pressing the point of what salvation cost is precious, many believers don’t even really get this

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