Is the Resurrection the most proven historical fact?


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most proven historical fact. How could I make such an audacious claim? Wouldn’t an event like Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor ¬†December 7, 1941 or the Muslim Terrorists attack of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 be more certain. I would say not. While these two events are definitely most certain they do not have the proof that the Resurrection has. These events have more witnesses and are more recent that is definitely true but none of the witnesses have been willing to die or be persecuted for the veracity of what they had witnessed. Many of the eye witnesses of the resurrected Jesus Christ died horrible deaths and endured terrible persecution because they were not willing to give up their belief that Jesus was God who had died for their sins and rose on the third day. If they did not see the resurrected Christ then they died and were persecuted for something they knew was a lie. Maybe one insane individual would die and be persecuted for something they knew was a lie but not hundreds. Some people try to equate Muslim terrorists dying for the lie of Islam to the eye witnesses of the resurrected Jesus dying for their faith. This is however a false equivocation. The Muslim terrorists are willing to die for a lie that they believe is true not for an event they were eye witnesses to. The early Christians would have been dying and being persecuted for something they knew was a lie, if they had not really witnessed the resurrected Christ. I know of no other historical fact that many eye witnesses were willing to die and be persecuted for. If there is such an event than it would be be as equally proven as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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