Can a belief in no God (atheism) be rational?


Let us examine for a moment if atheism even has the possibility of being rational or viable. The primary tenant of atheism is that there is no evidence for God therefore there is no God but let us take this view to its rational and logical conclusion. If there is no God the atheist must provide proof and evidence that something can come from nothing. He also must provide a foundational reason for absolute, invariant and unchanging laws in our reality. The atheist will usually respond to this question by trying to give what he believes is evidence for evolution, but this is a red herring fallacy and does not actually answer the question. He will also have to argue using the laws of logic while not being able to account for them in his world view.

For evolution to even be possible (it is not) it presupposes a universe with time, space and matter that abides by uniform laws. The universe (our reality) is something; therefore the atheist must explain the existence of reality before he can even go on to give evidence for evolution. The atheist often jumps over this huge chasm and just hopes his opponent does not notice. The belief that something can come from nothing is so irrational however that no scientist in his right mind has ever pursued any experiments to see if this is even possible. If a scientist did investigate this question even the atheist would laugh at him. If one did try an experiment to see if this was possible and created a lead box with a vacuum to see if anything ever spontaneously arose from the vacuum of space in the box he should quickly come to the realization that his so called “empty” box is not really empty at all but contains space that has dimensionality and conforms to the laws of nature (like gravity). Therefore for him to really be able to perform an empirical experiment to see if something can come from nothing he would have to perform his test outside our boundaries of reality and see if there is some sort of law that can create something from nothing.

If a law like that existed then there would not truly be “nothing” outside our reality for a law is something. If there was a law of some type outside our boundaries of reality that created everything the atheist would have to give proof of an observed (empirical) law that has creative properties. The atheist cannot just say that the law exists because that would be arbitrary and he would be inconsistent because he always asks the Christian to give evidence for his claims so he should not be allowed to make claims either without providing proof. There are no laws with creative properties the only thing that empirical science has ever observed to create anything is a personal mind. Laws only function within the boundaries of what is already there they cannot create that reality themselves. Therefore the only conclusion possible is that a personal mind outside of our reality is the cause of our reality.

Some atheists will give evolution itself as evidence that something can create itself, but this is circular reasoning. They are saying that evolution is the evidence for evolution. The belief that something can come from nothing is ultimately so foolish that if anyone ever made that claim about anything other than the beginning of the universe the atheist would lambaste them with mockery but he fails to see that he makes the same arbitrary claim himself.

The laws of science, mathematics, logic, morality and the existence time, space and matter actually presupposes the existence of the Biblical God. The atheist taking his world view to its logical conclusion will have to come to the irrational result that there is absolutely no absolute truth, which is self-refuting (contradictory) and therefore false. The problem with the atheist is that while saying there is no absolute truth with his mouth he does not actually believe this in his mind. He knows with absolute certainty that whenever he adds two and two together that he will always get four, he knows that gravity will always pull him towards the center of a mass, he has no fear of these things changing while he is saying with his mouth that there is absolutely no absolute truth.

The Bible says in Romans chapter 1 that everyone already knows God exists because of the impossibility to the contrary. Creation exists therefore the Creator exists. The same chapter also says that they only deny the Creator because they love themselves (their sin) more than they love God. They may deny Him with their mouth but they are acknowledging His existence on a routine basis. Whenever they make an argument they do so using the laws of logic which are not accounted for in a reality without God. Whenever they make change, check their bank account, or count on their fingers they are acknowledging God as the laws of mathematics are not possible in a random arbitrary universe. Whenever they open their eyes in the morning and greet a new day, they without thought assume gravity will keep holding them to the bed. They are assuming the uniformity of the laws of nature, acknowledging that they are not random while claiming that they are. Whenever they make moral claims, that is right and this is wrong, they are acknowledging their Creator because absolute moral laws cannot come from nothing. The atheist has a logically inconsistent world view claiming that God does not exist yet acknowledging Him on a constant basis. This is because despite his denial of God, he still has to live in God’s Universe. How foolish. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Psalm 14:1

Some atheists once they have been painted into a corner, point the finger at the Christian and say well you have the same problem, you can’t know anything for certain either. The Christian most assuredly however can be certain about some things just like the atheist is. (The atheist is certain about some things, he just denies certainty because his world view irrationally concludes there is none.) God (the Creator) who knows everything (omniscient) can reveal things to us in such a way that we can know them to be certain. Since we know that we are created in the image of God we actually have a reason to believe that our senses are trustworthy. We have a reason for believing in the uniformity of nature because God promised us in Genesis 8:22. We know that Moral Laws are absolute, invariant and unchanging because we acknowledge that there is a Moral Law Giver. We don’t just believe the Bible is true because it says it is true, if we did then we would be just as guilty of same vicious circular reasoning that we accuse the atheists of. We believe that the Bible is true because the Biblical God is the necessary precondition for reality. God proves the Bible is His Word by getting 40 some writers to pen 66 books over 1600 years that agree perfectly with one another with no contradictions. You can’t get two people to agree on how to sugar a cup of tea much less 40 writers to pen different parts of a book over 1600 years yet have them all agree with each other perfectly. The Bible also writes about events before they happen proving that the Author exists outside of time. Jesus Christ had 300+ prophesies written about Him before He came that were all fulfilled. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most proven historical fact, validates that Jesus was God as He claimed to be. Reality exists therefore the Bible is true and the Bible is the Christian’s presupposed Authority as it is revealed by the Creator who knows everything.

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